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BridgeSaw MG 66-B

BridgeSaw MG 66-B

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BridgeSaw MG 66-B adapts to all workshops for production in worked marble and granite. Main frame is in steel to guarantee stability and reduce vibration. The guides of the bridge are: one flat and one prismatic type, and they are protected from covers in a sheet, in an only one piece. The movement happens on bearings protected with oil-bath, powered by an electrical motor, and controlled by an encoder. Operating head with vertical movement obtained by auto-braking motor on prismatic guide (V) protected with oil-bath. The motorized tilting head revolves from 0-45 degrees. Motor powered by HP 20, connected directly to disc, can carry disc until to 500mm. diam. Vertical movement of the group-disc through motor HP 0, 50 for means of chromium plated columns 100 mm. diam. Control panel arm has a graphics monitor to view programmer date. Hanging push buttons for having the possibility to maneuver all of the movements of the machine. Turntable in steel with the top in wood. The dimensions are 10’ x 6’ (3200x1600 mm). The bench rotates manually with locks every 45 degrees, it can be blocked in positions 0-360 degrees.

Made in Italy.

- BridgeSaw Machine with Programmer
- Laser-cut marking
- TURNABLE/TILTING worktable with integral two piston hydraulic tipper, fitted with hydraulic unit and 2 HP motor
- AUTOMATIC SYSTEM for opening and closing the water feeding by means of pressure switch and solenoid valve
- TWO STEEL BASEMENTS to assembly machine without cement




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