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Tenax Glaxs A+B

Tenax Glaxs A+B

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GLAXS BM7O GLUE is a new generation BI-component glue with zero yellowing due to the sun and UV rays. It is transparent, solvent free, low viscosity and medium reactivity.
The resin hardening time is minimally affected by the outside air temperature. The glue will not stain white marbles and light color granites.
Indoor and Outdoor use.
Glasx comes in premeasured packaging to have the right ratio of materials mixed when used completely. If lesser quantities are desired you will need an electronic scale too make sure you have the right ratio between A and B part. The Ratio is 100 parts A + 70 parts B. Transparent resin, solvent free, low viscosity, and medium reactivity adhesive. Offers good penetration and hardness. Stays bright also when the level of humidity is high and temperature is low. Ideal for white stone when a warranty against changing color against the Sun is required. Completely invisible and will not yellow or create shadows around cracks or seams. Recommended applications: white marble, white granite and porous stone.


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